Taking Data From Previous Cell - IIF Statement

Hello! I am a newer user to Knime and am converting some workflows previously created in Alteryx. I have a Multi-Row Formula tool in Alteryx that I am trying to replicate in Knime.

I have created a “Duplication” column and am wanting to convert this formula:

IIF([Duplication]=[Row-1:Duplication],0, [OrderQty])

I tried creating a recursive loop but I have 141163 rows and it is taking an endless amount of time to execute.

@CarlyGoldberg welcome to the KNIME forum.

In KNIME you have the Lag Column which can read values from preceding rows. You will find examples how to use this column below the description or on the KNIME hub.

Also there is this discussion:

You might also provide us with an example (can be dummy data) to demonstrate what you want to do.


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