Team Share Project

I would like to use some sort of source control on our Knime workflow files. I see that there is a Team -> Share Project menu option but I don’t know how to add a repository so I can get files from source control. Is there a plug-in that I am missing? I could not find much documentation on the Team functionality in Knime.

KNIME itself does not offer any source control mechanism but since it is based on Eclipse you can in principle use any Eclipse version control plugin such as Subclipse or Subversive (which you need to explicitely install from their update sites). There is however a problem with versioning workflows with subversion: if a node is reset its data directories are deleted and thus also the subversion meta information. If it is re-executed the directories are created again and then subversion gets heavily confused. offers enterprise scale extensions on top of KNIME.
KNIME Enterprise Server will provide functionality that allows sharing workflows within user groups and assigning the appropriate user access rights to the server functionality. This allows the distribution of workflows created by expert users to common users that just execute them.
Details on KNIME Enterprise Server which is currently under development can be found at

Another important extension is KNIME Report Server. You can create workflows and report templates using KNIME Report Designer and publish them via the Report Server. Regular users can just point their web browser to the server and execute the reports. The underlying workflow is executed and the user can inspect the results in a preview. The report can be exported to all common document formats like PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT and others.
See for more details.

Thanks for the information. I did notice the problem with Subversion, using it outside of Knime. I will look into Knime Server products and see if they do what we need.