Tell when a node was last executed?

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Is there a way to tell when a node was last executed? I can find in the Node Monitor view some information about run duration of a node, but i haven’t been able to find last execution date time anywhere.

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Take a look at


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Hi izaychik63,

I might be misunderstanding, but those nodes appear to give me duration information, but no information about when a node was last executed.

I don’t think I could use the Timer Info node to answer the question: Has this node been executed today?

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Hello @Mirri,

this information can be found in knime log file (which is located here at this location ...\knime-workspace\.metadata\knime). You can either manually look for this information (which is ok if you need it once) either set up nodes to parse your log and give you information about (last (successful)) nodes execution time. However if you need this only for one node (and to be used further in your flow) I would use Date&Time Configuration node configured to output execution time. You can add this node just before (or after) node of interest. May I ask you what is your use case?


Python snippet would work as well. But placed before or behind you will not get the microsecond of course.

Hi Ivan,

Use case is literally to answer the question, “When was this node last executed?” Or even the same question at the Workflow level - when was any node in the workflow last executed, etc.



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