Template: don't want to permit link disconnection

Hi everyone,

I am creating templates from metanodes that I want to share on a Knime Server. But I don’t want that the templates could be modified. I can change the permissions and block the “write” option. Then the metanode cannot be modified unless the link to the template is disconnected.

Can the link disconnection be blocked?



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Dear @lcollia,

I am not entirely sure that I understand what you are trying to do here.

So people should not be able to easily re-use your metanode templates at all? In any case, they can still look at the contents of the template and reproduce it, can’t they?


Dear Stelfrich,

Yes I would like that the users will use the template without modifying it.

But you are right if the user can use the template (even blocked by the link and the permissions), he can look inside and rebuild it.

Is there a way to block the “open Metanode” option, without blocking its use and execution in a workflow?

In fact I would like a template with the same use/manipulation of a custom node.



Thanks for this phrasing! I was mentally blanking before. This functionality is part of KNIME Server Large (“Encrypt metanodes to secure content and protect intellectual property” on KNIME Hub Pricing | KNIME).



No problem, my english was maybe too poor.

Thanks for the link. I will look at which kind of Knime server I have access to.
In case I have the right licensing, do you have a document explaning how to do it?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lionell,

in case you do have a KNIME Server Large, please contact us via support@knime.com and we will send you the instructions how lock metanodes from editing.

Best wishes, Iris