Temporary variables in KNIME

Hello guys, I have a question, can a temporary variable be created that is saved even if the process is run again in KNIME?

For example: I have a table that saves a value for the month, but I want it to transform into a variable called previous month when I rerun my project and then do operations with it.

This is possible?

If I understand you, I think this will work. No doubt there are more elegant ways. You can test by changing the value in Table Creator node. Hope this helps.

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This may help too, @Aprins. The Vernalis KNIME Nodes community extension provides a couple of nodes for storing away variables to file and reading them back on a subsequent occasion:

@rfeigel This was the solution I was looking for, in fact I had it in mind, but one question: In the file that is created to save the previous variable, can’t it be left alone to always save the first 5 records? That is, when a 6 record arrives, delete the first record and save the 6 where the first record was.

I suppose it can be done, but what useful purpose would it accomplish? The old variables do no harm. Doing it my way keeps the workflow simple as possible. You could run this workflow for years and the csv file would still be tiny.

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Thanks bro , saved my life

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