TensorFlow2 installation problems - solved

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TensorFlow2 - install new environment

This was repeatedly failing for me, all day, with messages that tensorflow was not installed correctly. Most of the time, the messages were about a DLL being missing. One or twice about nvcuda.dll being missing. I tried many ways to create different environments in conda, with different Python packages, older and newer. Until eventually it was solved when I installed the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019:

After that the fail messages went away. Not sure why, or why the problems occurred in the first place, but I’m guessing it is because my laptop has an Intel graphics chip i.e. lacks an Nvidia graphics card.


Hi @Mick,

Thanks for sharing and sorry for the inconvenience! Let’s hope your post will save others from having to go through the same struggle.
We are aware of such problems occurring on Windows, and will try to detect them and come up with a more descriptive error message in the future.


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