Teradata Columns Name by Description


I'm using the KNIME 2.11.3 version to extract information of a Teradata database with the Database Reader.

I put the correct driver and the information that I extract its fine but the tables of my database has so many columns that I have to write the sql like this:

select * from <table>

The problem with this is that the columns name that knime put to the output are the internal description of the columns of the table. For example if I have table like:

colname description
id client id number
sal client salary number


then knime put the header of the output with the description of the columns and I want to be the colname (id, sal)

The only solution that I see is to specific the colum name in the query like this:

select colname as colname, sal as sal from table_example;

But this way is very problematic because I handle hundreds of columns..

How can I change this to extract the correct columns name? some parameter in Knime?.


see here https://tech.knime.org/forum/knime-general/teradata-columns-name-by-description

If you are using Teradata JDBC driver try adding COLUMN_NAME=ON as a parameter of the connection string, I.E: jdbc:teradata://hostname/COLUMN_NAME=ON/other_options.
Please refer to https://teradata-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/doc/connectivity/jdbc/reference/current/jdbcug_chapter_2.html for a complete list of connection string options.

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