Teradata Columns Name by Description


I'm using the KNIME 2.11.3 version to extract information of a Teradata database with the Database Reader.

I put the correct driver and the information that I extract its fine but the tables of my database has so many columns that I have to write the sql like this:

select * from <table>

The problem with this is that the columns name that knime put to the output are the internal description of the columns of the table. For example if I have table like:

colname description
id client id number
sal client salary number


then knime put the header of the output with the description of the columns and I want to be the colname (id, sal)

The only solution that I see is to specific the colum name in the query like this:

select colname as colname, sal as sal from table_example;

But this way is very problematic because I handle hundreds of columns..

How can I change this to extract the correct columns name? some parameter in Knime?.



is there a reason, why you don't upgrade. We are currently already at KNIME 3.3.1.

Best, Iris

I tried it in the last version but it has the same problem.

I don't know why you get the description as column name, but I can tell you how to change it. You can use the insert column header node. It needs a table with the mapping to change the column names.

Please excuse the question, we are always curious when people use these outdated versions, as we with each release add more functionality to the KNIME Analytics Platform.

Best, Iris