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I do not know how to read .txt file and calculate words frequincies in file on Knime. Which operators should I use? Can Knime read txt files?


KNIME has specific extensions for Text Processing. You will need to install the extension using the Install KNIME Extensions… in the file menu, then search for KNIME Textprocessing.

The extension has extensive range of tools to create a special Document column type which the allows words to be processed (stemming, tagging) and various metrics to be created such as Term Frequency, etc.

There are several presentations available and perhaps the easiest way to get started is to Google “KNIME Text Processing”. There are presentations and videos covering most workflows. You can also see examples in the KNIME Explore under 08_Other Analytic Types → 01_Text Processing.

An example starter presentation is here (picked randomly from Google search) which covers most topics you will need to know from basic KNIME information through to Text Processing nodes.

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Hi @ozgeturan and welcome to the forum.

Assuming you have some background with KNIME already, we offer a self-paced course specific to text processing. But if you are completely new to KNIME, you might want to start with our more introductory courses and work your way up.

We also offer a textbook via our KNIME Press:

And there are also several text processing videos on our KNIME TV Channel too!


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And if you’d just like to jump right in to the specific nodes used for frequency calculations, take a look at this workflow from the KNIME Hub:

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