Text Analysis Tag Filter Node

Is there a way to know what the “tag types” descriptions are in the Tag Filter node? For example, what is “tag type” = “FTB” or “ANCORA”?

Ideally I would like to know what all of these options are so that I’m not guessing and a google search isn’t giving me a clear answer. (e.g., i think Tag type “POS” = Part of Speech and “NE” is some kind of named-entity tagging algorithm but I’m not 100% positive).



You are right. The Tag Filter node and its description do not provide too much information about the meaning of the different tag types and tags itself. But to be able to use the Tag Filter, you first have to use one of the different tagger nodes and assign tags to your terms. And these tagger nodes should contain all the information you need. E.g. if you use the Stanford Tagger node, you see all its available tag sets in the node description. Among others Ancora for Spanish and French Treebank (FTB) for French.


perfect. thank you very much Marten. Simple answer but I would’ve been digging around forever :slight_smile: