Text Analytics in KNIME

Hey everyone,


Can anybody please tell me, how effectively I can use KNIME for text mining/ text analytics and integrate it to Microsoft Power BI for the visualization.

Also how this process can be improved, in terms of scalability, say buying KNIME server for extra benefits.






Hi Nagaraja,

For more information about the KNIME Textprocessing extension see:

To get started have a look at the online documentation or the Introduction to the KNIME Textprocessing feature:

Examples are on the KNIME Examples Server.

A connection to Power BI can e.g. be done via the REST interface that the KNIME Server provides. Can Power BI access data sources via REST? Otherwise a file based data transfer would be possible.

The KNIME Server allows to offload computational expensive workflows to b executed on powerful server machines. It provides a REST interface, a web interface, LDAP connection and the possibility to share workflows and data which enables collaboration. If you have any additional questions about the commercial products please feel free to contact us at contact@knime.com.

Cheers, Kilian