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I have a problem with the file reader node the white space didn’t align accordingly like in my raw data. Is their a perfect node reader for text file?

File reader

Raw Data text file-perfectly align with specific column -Contains hundreds of lines and comments

Here’s my output using Monarch. And I’m trying to parse the text file thru KNIME. If there’s a node equivalent or same with monarch parser? or even just the proper alignment of white spaces.
I tried Fixed Width File Reader but in my case it will not work.

Thank you in advance!

hi @seanmanzanilla ,
could you upload a test file? Some 20 rows will do, I think

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Hi @duristef ,

Here’s my sample data and structure.
Sample Data.txt (9.2 KB)

Thank you!

I have to deal with text files like that at work. There’s two things you can do:

  1. Use the Fixed Width File Reader and set up the column widths manually
  2. Use the “normal” File Reader and read everything into a single column
    then remove all duplicate whitespaces
    finally use a Cell Splitter on that column to split the lines up into different columns

I went with the second way, because I also have an arbitrary number of header lines I need to get rid of.

The functions in the String Manipulation nodes are removeDuplicates($yourColumn$) and possibly strip($yourColumn$).


Here’s my suggested workflow
KNIME_project5.knwf (13.0 KB)
I’ve set the width of the first columns only, leaving the remaining 14, that contain no blanks, in a single column, then I’ve split them using a blank as the separator. You’ll need to rename them by hand.


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