Text mining, export results to original excel file


I am working on a text mining project including both clustering and classification of free-text data.
After the clustering and classification is completed I would like to insert the results into my original excel file so that it can be used for other purposes. However, in the output it seems like the order of the data doesn’t match the Excel file.
Does anyone know of a convenient/any solution to this challenge?


/ Tommy Dahlström

Hello @Tdahlstrom,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Maybe you can use following approach. Add identifier to original data which you’ll keep along your workflow so you can join results back once clustering and classification is done :wink:

For identifier column you can use Counter Generation node or simply ROWINDEX function from Math Formula node. Hope this helps!



I have a component that creates an auto increment column. It wraps around the Counter Generation and allows you to specify the column name for the auto increment column. It handles column name collision:

A demo of the component can be found here:

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Thank you Ivan!
That sounds like a really smart solution, I will do my best to implement it in my workflow!

I hope that you have an awesome day!

Best regards / Tommy

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Wow, thanks Bruno!
That sounds really cool!

I will give at go and see if I can figure it out. =)

Have an awesome day!

Best regards / Tommy

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