Text mining in big data extension

I have a big data of doucments, and I want to do text mining in big data environment in KNIME server. However, I cannot find the function nodes about create bag of words, document vector etc. in big data extension.
So I want to ask that if there are functions nodes of text mining are available in big data extension. If not, will text mining functions(create bag of words, tagger, vector, LDA etc.) be added in big data extension in near future version of KNIME?

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Hello DerekJin,
currently KNIME has no dedicated text mining nodes that run on Spark. So currently you need to use one of the scripting nodes e.g. the PySpark node to do this in Spark. We are working on a way to run all streamable standard KNIME nodes also in Spark and have a prototype of it. But it might take more time until this is available for production use.

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Hello Tobias,
Thank you for your reply. That is really nice to hear you are working on it. Then I can report this good news to my non-technic customers.

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