Text mining possibilities


Can you use the same nodes for text mining and non-textual data?Do you have to use exclusively the nodes in the text processing repositery if you are doing text mining or you have access to others too? Same for the vizualisation nodes, do you have some exclusively for text-mining?

Thank you very much! 

I have to make a summary of the features of KNIME, but I don't know a lot about data mining so i'm kind of speaking through my hat..

Hi Mathor,

the textprocessing nodes of the KNIME Analytics Platform are build to process textual data. You can not use these nodes on numerical data. The nodes require data cells that encapsulate textual documents. If you think of a POS tagger, it makes no sense to try to apply such a node / method or numerical data, obviously.

The KNIME Analytics Platform provides many nodes for processing of numerical ans string data as well. Some of these data types can be converted, e.g. terms can be converted into strings and vice versa. This allows to apply more nodes on textual data then provided by the text processing extension.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Kilian