Text processing - address, street

Hi to all, 

I'm new and I want propose this discussion:

According to you, is there a 'simple' way to process text files and pull out addresses, like street, square and something else concerning with addresses?

Let me explain with an example:

xxx=text to ignore


xxxxxmain street, 90 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcentral park 90, 11111 New York xxxxxxxxx


expected result: main street, 90 and central park 90, 1111 New York

thank you.



Hi Jonathan,

i am sorry, but there is no "simple" way to reckognize addresses in free texts. One way would be to use an address dictionary and the dictionary or wildcard tagger nodes. The wildcard tagger node also handles wildcards and regexs in the dictionary.

Cheers, Kilian

Thank you. I wil try this way.

Cheers, Jonathan

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