Text Processing

Dictionary Replace node - While text processing when N Chatterer Filter is used for removing word less than THREE Characters word Like UP ,NO gets Filtered out .

This is very important from Sentiment Point of view . I would like to replace the word UP with some other word like UPWARD , NO like NONO . At the same time POS also needs to be tagged.

How do I implement this .

Hi @Chandra_S,

I would suggest another approach :slight_smile:

I would create a list of all the words you don’t want to be removed and tag them using the dictionary tagger node, for example with Tag type NE and Tag value UNKNOWN.

If you now make sure, that in the

  • Dictionary Tagger node the checkbox “Set named entities unmodifiable” is activated
  • N Chars Filter node the checkbox “Ignore unmodifiable tag” is deactivated

all the tagged words are not removed by the N Char Filter



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