the conference


It's the last day of the conference. Wish I was there! I'd love to hear how it went.

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It was a very useful event. :)

If enough of the speakers are willing then I hope their presentations will be available on-line. Perhaps in future years, at least some of the sessions will be broadcast on the web. However, for me, informal networking is one of the most valuable aspects of such meetings.

The developer sessions were very useful. KNIME already contains functionality I had not yet discovered, as well as new nodes in 1.3.0 (there is a 1.2 download of them available as well). More importantly, I had created a new node with quite a low level of understanding what each step represented; the second two days of the workshop were invaluable for this purpose.
The last two days were certainly revealing as well. THINK has it right - the value of such a meeting includes the informal discussions and the extensive comparing of experiences.
I think it was remarkably well done, especially for a first attempt at the developer workshop/class. Congrats and much appreciation to all involved.