The configName must be a non-empty string

Hi Gurus,

I am trying to see configuration page of the KNIME node which i just published to my KNIME analytics tool.

Getting error "Error while creating node dialog for 'Readadwords': The configName must be a non-empty string" where Readadwords is my node dialog class which i created in eclipse.

Neither in my Nodemodel nor Nodedialog i see comfig with blank value and i have defaulted it to some or other string value.

Can some one help me where to look for to fix my error and also please let me know if i can debug my knime plugin from eclipse rather than doing it in Analytics tool.


If you can direct me to sample code to read plain string values from dialog screen that would be great and i have gone through tutorial as well but still seem to be missing something. 

Have you implemented your settings model validation, save and load  in the NodeModel class?

Issue is KNIME not picking up the changes which i have done in my code but when i changed and deployed node with new version it got fixed the issue.

Thanks a ton for your help.


Sweb if possible can you share your mail contact so i can reach you directly as i am working with tight dead lines which doesn't offer me flexibility to get my answers through forums


I only provide support for Lhasa community contributions via email I'm afraid.