the database column filter not filter my selected

I had one problems abort the node:database row filter. I did not get the correct results.

  scene: my table name is crm_view, after used  database column filter,my table had 4 columns and id had 2997, 2999 ,3003, 3006 ,3050, 3013 and so on,then  I used database row filter ,Operator selected "=",Value seleced 3013,but the Interactive Table  views included the row that id=3013,why?
id is oen column name ,the id column is of type Integer.can you help me?


Can you please check the query combosed in this node, at the node out-port view you see the executed SQL statement in Connection tab. What is the error you get, did you connect your Database Column Filter with the Database Connection Reader in order to get the data into KNIME?

thank you for your kandness. 

yes , i want to get the data into KNIME.

I fand in Connection tab (database cloumn filter)  the executed SQL statement was

select * from (select id,category_id,details_tag,workfiow_tag from (select *from crm_view) table_208079434) table_1056364774 where id = 3013


my dailog is :

database connector -> database clounm filter -> database roe filter -> database connetion reader -> interactive table



Thanks for this details. What is the error message in the KNIME Console view when you execute the Database Connection Reader?

no error when I  execute the Database Connection Reader. but end  in the interactive table I saw the row that had id=3013 was not filter. This is very strong strange .

Sorry, I am not able to reproduce it. I created a similar test case. Can you please check two things: a) is the ID really 3013 or are there leading trailing spaces, check the Database Row Filter configuration, b) what happens when you execute the query 'select * from crm_view where id = 3013' in the Database Reader directly?

now  I reset database connection  reader ,then chick execute, error information : some nodes are not Normal state.

Ok. But what happens if you use the Database Reader (not the Database _Connection_ Reader) with this query 'select * from crm_view where id = 3013', can you copy the whole ERROR message from the KNIME Console view. Thanks.

no error when I use the Database Reader today . I now find “some nodes are not Normal state” this error comes the datanode that has my database . becease the node was not work yesterday.

I check my design, no err.but I select is not filter. this is very strang.