The node description header doesn't move into next line

So in all the nodes which are named node1, node2 and so one, if i try to use the header to tell what the node is doing, it moves into a straight line and doesn’t go into like a specified width.
Like how in excel we have wrap text to ensure text is more like in a square instead of a big rectangle.
Is there any way to sort this out?

Thanks in advance

Hello @r_jain ,

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I am afraid at the moment the “text box” under the nodes are not able to be fit to the text (like wrap text function in excel).

(Adding long descriptions to the nodes in the workflow does not make the workflow untidy?)

If you need detailed description for the nodes in the WF you can use the “Edit custom node name and node description (Alt+F2)” function. There you can add longer text which will appear if you move the mouse over the node. However you have to use line break in you long text manually with this function as well because wrapping text does not work in this function neither. We have an open ticket internally for solve this issue (AP-18558). You can follow up in the changelog document which version of AP will handle this issue (which is not exactly what you asked / need I know but maybe a good workaround)

Hope it helps!

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Have you tried Alt+Enter?


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