The operating systems web browser could not be found (CentOS Linux)

I’m running KNIME 3.7.1 in a CentOS Linux environment and I have yet to find a solution to this problem.
More specifically, when I start KNIME a popup window comes up that tells me “KNIME is unable to display web pages in an internal browser. This may be caused by missing system libraries. Please visit for details. Some web pages may open in an external browser”
Then in Node Description I see an error as well that the browser could not be found.
If I go to File -> Preferences -> General -> Web Browser, I find that the radio button “Use internal web browser” is greyed out; “Use external web browser” is selected. In the window “External web browsers” I see check boxes for “Default system web browser” (which is checked) along with “Firefox” and “Chromium” (neither of which are checked).
If I change it to either Firefox or Chromium, KNIME will launch them when it starts but node descriptions are never displayed in them when I click on nodes.
KNIME is not giving me a webkit error in any case. I’m not sure how to get it to tell me if there is a webkit problem.
thank you!

Got the same problem, maybe anyone is able to help?

Hi there!

Have you checked FAQ mentioned in a post? If yes which steps have you performed?


It turns out in my case webkitgtk3 was not installed (an OS update was performed on the system where I was running it that may have led to it being uninstalled). Once we installed it the internal documentation works correctly in KNIME. KNIME still starts the external browser as well (which as before does not automatically load documentation for nodes when clicked on in the KNIME windows) but more importantly the documentation panel in KNIME does work as it ought to.

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