The same idea with different results

Hi guys,

I have an issue with this:

I made a flow and, I supposed to work well, but the people who need it to work have a different knime version, I have 3.6 and they has 3.4, so they asked my to change the two nodes that they cant open, “Sharepoint Library Connection” and “Column Expressions”, so, I tried to read the info with “File List”, and here is the very big trouble…this give me different results :sob: they are very regular workflows, nothing special, I’m been searching all day what its happen without any light, maybe you could help me like always.

First workflow:




Thanks in advance for your help

Your advice is deeply appreciated!

Hi @Ivannia,

What was the Column Expressions node doing in the first version?
You have removed the node but I cannot see any alternative nodes being used.



Thanks @armingrudd, actually I remove the node and nothing changed: neutral_face: so I did let the workflow without this node

But I think the big trouble you mentioned is the result of this careless removal…

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Maybe in one way, but the screenshots that I take are the results from Excel Reader in both flows, so, the data is wrong taken from the beginning, I don’t know why.

It’s solved!!! The problem was the check in the following box in “Download” node:



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