the Send Email node send two attachments at the same time?

Hello Everyone,

Can the Send Email node send two attachments at the same time?A variable attachment, a fixed attachment, I can only send one attachment after setting .
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Banksy,

Yes you can do that. But you have to create the list variable of your attachments and use it in the flow variables tab. Remember that flow variable settings in a node configuration always overwrites the manual settings. That’s why you are sending one attachment at a time. List both attachments, convert it to variable and then add it to the node’s configurations.

Here is an example:
mail_attachments.knwf (13.6 KB)



Hi @armingrudd ,

I am not clear how about settings these node, but I try it flow your workflow, and it not success.
I guess I did someting wrong. Plaese help me check it. Thank you so much for your help.


Hi @Banksy, what error does it display if you hover over the node with the red cross? (or viewed in the console messages window)

Just making a guess from your posted screenshots as I’ve not looked into it further but I would think that it possibly doesn’t like the double quotes in the file URLs.

Usually a URL is encoded to remove spaces (they get turned into %20 if I recall correctly), rather than using double quotes. I may be wrong though as I haven’t tried it in this context. Just that it looks odd.


I suggest trying the workflow with two fixed paths and see if it works fine. Then try to aggregate these two and convert the output to variable and pass it to the send mail node. And at last, generate one of them as a flow variable and do the same as I did in the workflow.


Hi My master @takbb ,

I am glad you are here, It’s a double quotation problem.
I delete it now , Thank you for your reminder.


Hi @armingrudd,

Your workflow is correct, It’s a double quotation problem.
Thank you so much for your help.


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