The SiriusAdapter node Output.

How did I inspect the Output data of SiriusAdapter?

Depends on where you write your files with the Output File nodes. You can Configure them to where they write the files.
Or rightclick Open Folder and it opens your explorer to there.

If you want an output in KNIME as a table, you can use an MzTabReader on the first output port of SiriusAdapter (the mztab port). Then rightclick and open the Small molecule section.

I attempt the mzTabReader connecting the first out node of SiriusAdapter,then the result is nothing. I don’t know where appeared wrong.

This is the Small Molecule table? I cannot see it from the small screenshot.

I cannot reproduce on macOS, OpenMS 2.6

This is the full screenshot.

This is the SiriusAdapter running state. I believe it should be right,

Hi zero,
could you please check the actual SiriusAdapter .mzTab output e.g. via a text editor if the file is written correctly?

What KNIME Version and OpenMS Version are you currently using?

If I recall correctly there were some fixes introduced to the SiriusAdapter mzTab format in April 2019.

Do you use your own files or the OpenMS Metabolomics Example files?


I use the version about OpenMS is 2.6.0 and KNIME is 4.3.3.
I use my data.

I open the out file by Notepad. en, It should be the SiriusAdapter’s error.What should I correct the wrong?

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