The traveling salesman problem

A visual representation of the traveling salesman problem with the help of Python code

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I have this problem trying to run the workflow:


What can i do?

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Hi @AR7 -

Looks like you need to install the mlrose package in your Python environment.

Thank you.
How can i do that?
I am using Anaconda

First, go to KNIME Preferences -> KNIME -> Python and identify the name of the Conda environment that KNIME is using. Once you know that, you can open an Anaconda prompt and give a command like

conda install -n <env_name> <package>

So if your Python environment is called py3_knime, the command would be

conda install -n py3_knime mlrose

Let Anaconda install the package, and when it’s finished, restart KNIME and try running the workflow again.

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Thank you Scott, i solved the problem with your help.
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