TIBCO Spotfire missing in KNIME 2.3?

Can it be that the TIBCO Spotfire Extension is missing from the Labs Update Site for KNIME 2.3?

I am not able to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot, Sebastian

(WinXP 32bit, KNIME 2.3)

Hi Sebastian,

I can confirm that the Spotfire Node is missing. We'll look into it and post any news here.

Sorry for that!

Hi Sebastian,

The node is/was missing in v2.3. The reason for that is as easy as we simply forgot to port it to the new build system.

This has been fixed and the node will be part of v2.3.1. I also updated the web page describing the node.


I'm currently using using KNIME 2.3.4, and I installed all the extensions. It says it installed the spotfire-related plugins, but I am not finding the setup.exe files. Actually, there's no spotfire-named directory under the plugin folder. Is this maybe becaue I'm on a x64 computer? Hmm....


the current implementation of the KNIME Spotfire COM bridge does only support 32 bit Windows OS.

Sorry about that,