Time array to time column conversion plus adding data column

Hi all !

Can someone please suggest which nodes would be useful to achieve the following:

I have 5 minutes timeseries written like this

And I need to have them written like this


So, what I need is just two columns. Any ideas?

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Perhaps the Unpivot node may be helpful here. If not, could you attach sample data? Thanks!

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Hi @Dalmatino16,

@victor_palacios and I were thinking the same thing. See attached example.

Time Example Test.knar.knwf (13.0 KB)

Wali Khan


I actually went to far with my example and removed anything with a 0 value. You can remove the row filter (Node 8) and get the output you want.

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Hi, thanks Wali, looks good. Going to try it out on my data.

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