Time calculation

Hi everybody, 

I want to restart this topic http://tech.knime.org/forum/knime-labs-general/time-calculation because nobody answered me.

I have some columns with time data and I want to sum up them by rows. I know it's possible with java snippet node and I need your help to give some sample in java node. Thats why I  put the data in applications in order to sum time by rows. I think it will be very interesting for all.

I've heard that the node with time calculations is under planning. When are you planning to release this node?


Thanks for your help!!!


Is that what you are looking for ?

(see attachment)

Should be Very usefull to have those 3 new nodes (like the meta-node inside)



Hello MitchP,

thank you for your answer but I wrote incorrect. I would like to sum by columns hours with minutes and seconds and to get the results in format HH:mm:s (for example 242 h + 1035 minutes). How can I do it with Java node or with other methods?

I'm sorry that I asked  question by wrong way.

A new one ....  per Column