Time field extraction "à la Groupby node"

Dear KNIMErs,

Yet another topic I'd like to bring up. Being in business analytics, I work a lot with date fields and time series data. It'd be a splendid improvement if we could:

  • Mass extract date field information, similarly as the groupby node permits (prefixing or suffixing aggregations automatically, e.g. Year/Month/DoW etc.)
  • and, similarly, mass-calculate time differences (e.g. all dates selected against all others, with runtime/memory risk included, all dates against the min date, all dates against the max date, each date against its successor/predecessor)

Thanks for considering it! :-)


P.S.: Oh, and an extraction of ISO-compliant week numbers (with or without year, to cater for week 52, 53 and 1 ranges) would be terribly nice to have, too. :-)