Time Series Forecasting

I will be teaching demand forecasting course for MBA students at IFIM Business Schools at Bangalore India using KNIME

The work flow that I plan to use is attached.

I have installed Statsmodels using Anaconda . I have set the path in PATH statement in windows environment file.

I get error:stasmodels not found.

I have attached the workflow and the screen shot of the ERROR.

Will appreciate if you can guide me further in this regard.

Prof S Chandrasekhar 01_Accessing_Transforming_and_Modeling_Time_Series.knwf (1.8 MB) FORECASTING WORKFLOW.docx (177.5 KB)

Hi @Chandra_S -

Have you configured the KNIME Python integration as described in our documentation? Option 1 is generally the most straightfoward approach: KNIME Python Integration Guide

The reason I ask is because it seems like KNIME doesn’t know where your Anaconda installation is to begin with, and therefore can’t find the statsmodels package. Once you’ve configured a python environment for KNIME to use, and KNIME knows where it is, it’s pretty straightforward to add packages using pip or conda install.

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@Chandra_S in addition to @ScottF hints you might benefit from my hints in this thread.