"Timeout while converting molecule"-Error using Molecule to CDK node


Can anybody Please!! tell me what can I do to avoid the "Timeout while converting molecule Row..."-Error when using the Molecule to CDK Node? Maybe one need to know that the data I handle with is relatively large... I have ~ 50*1500 Rows (in each row there is the sdf-data about the molecule I need to convert)... I already tried write tables to disc but that doesn´t work either and anyway I don´t know whether that has to do with the erreor.

thank you for answering quickly!!!

You can set the timeout higher in the node's dialog. The error comes from CDK that took a long time for certain molecules to be parsed in the version the plugin is using. It only affects certain molecules though.

You may also have a look at the new CDK integration, which offers the same functionality but is based on a much more recent version.