TimeStamp Split date and time

Hi, I have a column (Timestamp) with the following format:

21.Nov.2014 09:39:03

How can I keep only the 21.Nov.2014 and basically make it look like 21.11.2014?

I tried string to date/time, didnt work. I am getting this strange date


Is there any easy way to do?


I used "Mask Date/Time" Node.

Marking as solved.

Is there a way for me to transform my timestamp data set to 1hr interval, because my current time stamp interval is 10min. I tried using Aggregation granulaity but that would mean I would lose all my other observations except just time&date and 1 other observations.
Sorry if I explained it unclearly

@shawn you could extract the parts of the date and time and just keep the hour and build a new timestamp. Something like in this example.

Here we make 15 minute intervals but you could make a string like this

YYYY-MM-DD 10:00:00
YYYY-MM-DD 11:00:00

And if you want convert it back to a date&time variable or just leave it as a variable to do a group by.

Hi @shawn,
i don’t unterstand your problem, because your current question points to the same point you ask in Changing Timeseries from 10 minute to hourly - #14 by morpheus.

It might be helpful if you profide us with example data together with the expected outcome. This probably make it much easier to find a solution for your problem.