Timestamp to Date&Time

Hello together,

unfortunately I have a rather “stupid” question again. I’m trying to convert a timestamp (see picture) string to Date&Time.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.
Does anybody here have an idea what I am doing wrong or need to change?

Thanks a lot in advance.

If these kinds of questions here in the forum are “too easy” or inappropriate, please let me know. Of course I can understand that then.

Most likely your configuration inside the String to Date&Time is slightly off. Can you post a screenshot of that? Even better, you can export and upload the workflow.

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Hello @Jana_Tuerlich,

this one should do the trick:
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Z

Z stands for zone offset. Make sure to select Date&time with zone as type in String to Date&Time node. If you always have +0000 then you can use String Manipulation node to remove that part and simply have Date&Time format without zone.

This (and your other questions) are just fine, especially when you are starting with KNIME. What I would suggest to do before you ask a questions (or open up a topic) is to do a quick forum search to see if anyone else already had same question :wink:



Hi @ipazin
Many thanks for your help. I did not know that you can also enter your own data in the “drop-down menu”. Well, I have found out now.
Of course I always look first if the question eventeull has already been answered :slight_smile:


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