Timestamps comparison like vlookup TRUE/FALSE

I have the following columns:


Obviously, the 23.Jun. 2015, is included in the column appt_date. Which node I need to use,in order to compare every cell of headerstrartt with everycell in appt_date and create a third column that will write back TRUE (if headerstartt date is included in appt_date) or FALSE if it is not included.

I tried rule based filter, column  comparator, none made what I wanted.

Please help!


My proposal:

  1. use the column splitter to break out the to-be-compared columns into two tables.
  2. Cross-join these tables and compute the time difference on the resulting two columns.
  3. With a rule engine node, create any type of output if time_diff = 0 (e.g. TRUE) and time_diff <> 0 (FALSE)


Hi ergonomist,


thank you for replying.

I did the steps you proposed up until Cross-join. There might be something wrong. because as you can see from the table below, I never receive the 23.Jun. 2015 against the 23.Jun.2015


What the issue there? what am I doing wrong.

How very odd! I cannot reproduce this cross-join behaviour in v3.2.1 at all. My dummy integer columns cross-join as I'd expect them to, giving the table below:

23 12
23 13
23 23
14 12
14 13
14 23
26 12
26 13
26 23

Can you perhaps post the workflow?