Timezone - No correction


my job parse the string 2014-02-16 10:00:00 inside a java snippet to create a date column.

The result is the date with the hour 9:00 therefore I think that knime sets the default timezone gmt.

Now i write this column with a Database Writer

three options:

1-Use local timezone -> hour 9:00

2-No correction -> hour 10:00

3-timezone gmt+1-> hour 11

Aren't the first and the second options swap?


these results sound correct to me. Option 2 is the same as the time that was read, ergo "No correction" seems to be the right name. Which would also correspond to Knime interpreting the time as being in gmt, as gmt+1 is 11:00. It also seems as if the presentation which shows 9:00 uses a local time zone, as does option 1. That means your local timezone is set to gmt-2 somewhere. Maybe that's wrong, and the source of your confusion?