Tips & Tricks Startup Window


I have notice as we trial KNIME 2.6 in a corporate network that if KNIME cannot access the external internet, when KNIME starts up it shows the Tips and Tricks box as an empty white window which just looks strange.

It may be a good idea for KNIME to recognise when it cannot access the internet, and instead recall from a local text file in the install folder which contains Tips and Tricks. This way although the Tips and Tricks are not the most up to date from your server, at least some Tips and Tricks will be shown which are as up to date as the most recent KNIME build on the machine.



We already check whether your computer can read and only show the dialog in this case (you can easily verify this by unplugging your network cable before you start KNIME). I suspect that your company network does some strange this, such as serving an error page instead of the real content, which is then displayed as an empty page because KNIME cannot parse the contents.