To Do set of nodes for a particular interval then repeate

I have an table with many entries. and I want to apply an row filter which which do nodes(like math formula and moving aggre…) for that set type and then again return and do the nodes with next interval types
col1 col2
2 4
2 5
2 6
2 6
3 2
3 5
3 5

it loop for all values of 2 in col1 and after automatically goes to 3 of col1

I got these rows in 100k s

thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the community @vedaantt,

You can build a loop construct using Group Loop Start node to do the task.

Use the “col1” as the grouping column.



thank you for replly
that was fast:grinning:
it worked
I really spent 4hrs for this


It’s natural. You can improve your KNIME knowledge in the forum.
There are very nice people here to help you with that.

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