To get data from URL in KNIME


I want to fetch the data from URL this URL contain file in JSON format and there is need to enter the credentials to download the data from URL , after entering the credentials , I have to fetch the data in KNIME and export or feed this data to POWER BI, so that my PBI report get refresh, I have to create a work- flow in KNIME for the above process.

Please help me out to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance

Hi @niharikaraghav,

Welcome to the Forum! You can use the Get Request Node ( to make a GET Request, JSON Path ( o parse the JSON, and Send to Power BI ( to Nodes to make this happen.



Hi Wali,

I have used Get Request node, JSON, Power BI node.
Please see below screenshot:-

while we are configuring Get Request node we face this issue, please refer snap below:-

we are getting empty table.

Thank You in advance.

Is the url correct (spelling,…)?

Yes, we are using correct URL and spelling is also correct.
We are first entering the url in chrome then put the credentials and then download the data and then send this to power bi.

So, we want to create KNIME workflow to do this.
Your help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe your request needs additional headers or authentication you need to specify in the get request node first?

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