to read excel files and register in csv format? How to do

I have excel files in the same format (ie with the same column information). I want to write to a single file in csv format.

But I couldn’t find a valid solution. I’m getting this error when I want to merge csv files with csv reader and write csv files on single “.Execute failed: New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing). In line 3.
.” writing csv files on knime.

I’m not having the problem of merge excel by writing to Excel files, but I need a single file in my csv format. How can I solve a workflow?

Hi umutcankurt,

What nodes are you using to merge csv files?
Maybe you could upload a screenshot/example workflow?

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as I understand you want to import some xlsx fliels with the xls reader node and then join or append or somehow els merge these files. then you can output them with the CSV WRITER node as csv to a desired location…
as yumy said…a screenshot of the wf would be needed to help you more specificly…

  1. Method to read / merge / write to CSV (csv read error)

  2. In the method / excel reading and CSV writing (see the characters appear incorrect in the excelde? Characters such as arabic words and spaces - even in English)

As a result, I need to properly format the csv or xml format to upload to the online server, I can not add excel in Excel, but excel. Therefore, I have to convert the data in excel to csv or xml properly.
Excel file reading view

After transferring from CSV to Excel

I do not yet fully understand the problem. If you could upload a workflow with a sample or even a few CSV and/or Excel files that would help us understand the problem it could go some way. A few hints for the start:

  • KNIME seems to be a little bit sensitive when it comes to ‘dirty’ CSV files with imbalanced quotes or separators. I like to use the R pack readr to get around that:
    Error with File Reader node while running in a loop

  • Some of the data looks like XML files or the cells seem to contain XML values. KNIME can also deal with that, but it takes some preparation. You would have to define one or more XPath schemes. It also could be necessary to ungroup the results (it depends on the structure of the XML data)
    Problems with parsing a XML-like file
    Json to Table

  • the you have some non-latin characters and/or special characters there. You would have to make sure you choose the right encoding (UTF-8) also in the CSV (Text) files and you have to do some experimentation until it looks the way you want it to.

It looks like no easy task but the good news is KNIME has a lot of nodes and options and can incorporate the help of powerful tools from R and Python to help you on the way.

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Hi @umutcankurt,
Adding to @mlauber71, it is generally a good idea to use the File Reader node instead of the CSV reader when reading .csv files, it has various options for handling more complicated files and you have fine grained control over the reading and interpretation of the data.