to Report node is missing

Hi All,
to Report node is missing and in the menu is the report buliden also not.

Could you say what to do?

Thanks a lot…!
to_report_missing|173x59 to_report_missing2

Hi @sandordan and welcome to the forum.

Can you verify that you have the KNIME Reporting Runtime extension installed? If not, the easiest way is to drag-and-drop from the link above.

Hi @ScottF,

I think yes (sorry I am a beginner) and have 2 nodes under the Reporting (Data and Image)

So was this working before, and then all of a sudden your nodes are gone? Or is this a fresh installation of KNIME, or on a different machine?

Could you try uninstalling the Reporting extension and installing it again?

No I wasnt working before I couldnt find the node to report, after a new installation of reporting extension I can open my workflow in report designer but I dont have the node "to Reportto_report_missing to_report_missing2 "

Hello @sandordan,

have you managed to solve it? If missing Report icon install KNIME Report Designer extension.


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Hi Ivan yes I think I can do it thank you for your answer!

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