To start the workflow again according to the data row in the workflow

Hi; Armin @armingrudd

While receiving data from the data source in the workflow, there is sometimes a missing data return from the source. In order to edit this situation, for example, if the data is 10 lines or less from the source, it is necessary to make the workflow repeat / request data from the source again. Can you give me a sample workflow on this.



The number of row is checked in a generic loop and while the number is below or equal to 10 the loop goes on. If the number is above 10 then the loop finishes and only data from the last iteration is collected.

Here is the workflow:
row_limit_loop.knwf (44.2 KB)



Hi; Armin @armingrudd

I thank you very much for your contributions and support. Thanks to you, I have solved many problems.

Knime should join you team. in my opinion :+1::knime::medal_military::medal_military::medal_military:


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