Tool for documenting flows

Hi all,

Is there such a thing? Ideally it would produce a Web page or similar.


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I usually add workflow annotations. (Right click on a blank space on the workflow)

I would love something more robust though. Something wiki-like.

Yes, this can be useful, but, like you, I am looking for some tool that create some kind of standard documentation of all workflows in one single place, so that we can very easily find which workflow does what (at a high level). For example, if I need to find out which flow upserts a specific table, i need to go into each one to look for it. Maybe there are some best practices on how to document and catalog flows, even if it is not an automated process.

Thanks anyway

Hello @fificito,

you can write such information in workflow description. Then you don’t have to open each workflow as you can see description view just by clicking on workflow itself. To automate this further you could create process (KNIME workflow for example) which collects this information from each workflow and creates a table of workflows description to have workflow overview and to easier find one you are interested in. Data from workflow description is stored in workflowset.meta file inside workflow directory.

And regarding your similar question here don’t think there is way to automatically document existing workflows but maybe someone will know better :slight_smile:


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Hi @fificito -

It sounds like you might benefit from the Workflow Summary feature introduced in KNIME AP 4.2. Check out the link for a description, as well as some linked workflows on the KNIME Hub that use the generated summaries in an interactive way.


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