Tool Tips, how do I get to see the table row count?

Hello Community! I’m quite honoured to join :grinning:

I’m a recent 2018 convert to Knime and still very much in the shallow end.

My question and where it stems from is that I find myself regularly checking that row filters are splitting correctly. I open the output tables and (with a pencil) sum the numbers to be sure the source node has divided as desired.
While working this evening, I noticed for the first time a "MS Windows tool "tip appear that showed the table row count. I not since be able to get this to work/appear, is there a trick to this other than hovering over the node?

Further, as a newbie is there some extension that displays row counts either above, beside or under the nodes?

Many thanks

Hi @Binksy,

there are a bunch of possibilities to get a row and column count for an output:

1. Hover over the output port (the little black triangle) of the node to get the row count as tooltip:


2. Open the results table of your node and have a look on the headers. “Table” and “Spec” give you the dimensions of your output table:


3. If you need this information in another node, try out the Extract Table Dimension node. It returns the number of rows and columns as output table:


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Two comments on @danielesser’s answer.

  • The tooltip will show something different during node execution, and you will need to move the cursor away and back again yo get the dimensions in that case.
  • The Extract Table Dimensions node also returns the row and column count as a flow variable, which can be useful for configuring downstream nodes