Topic Ranking after LDA

Hello everyone.
I am almost done with my project. I got 10 topics from LDA and now I would like to score/rank them.
Is there any way to rank them by importance, frequency?

Hi @Luca1995

The first output port from the Topic Extractor (Parallel LDA) node gives you for every document the assigned topic. With a Value Counter node you can order your topics by frequency.
lda .
Is this what your are looking for, or did I miss something in your question?

gr. Hans


Hello @HansS
Thank you so much for your answer. Is it possible to plot those scores?
Is there any way to export plots and data visualization?

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Hi @Luca1995

Sure use one of these
in combination with the Image Writer (Port) to save your visualization.
gr. Hans


In particular the Tag Cloud would be a great way to visualize a set of topics like this.

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