Trans workflow node request


One aspect I find with my daily use of knime is that I often have desired analyses or data in different workflows and I want to use them together.

of course there are workarounds such as:

copying all the nodes from one workflow into the other and rerunning those nodes. This is okay but sometimes the analysis is complex and can take hours or days so is not always (or usually) an option.

another option is to write out the data in one workflow with the table writer, and in the other workflow to use a table reader. But this is a little fiddly choosing a save location etc, and then going and deleting the file after. what is wanted is something a little more instantaneous.

Can you not have a write to knime clipboard node and a read from knime clipboard node. This would be really quick and easy to get data between workflows with minimal hassle.



I agree, it's not an easy task to transfer data from one workflow to the other. You always need to write the data before you can access it. To have some kind of mechanism for copying&pasting data sounds cool. However, we have the TeamSpace which allows maintaining a central repository for workflow, meta nodes, and data. These data files can easily dragged&dropped from the desktop, TeamSpace or ServerSpace onto a workflow which instantiates the right, registered reader node. Using these spaces you even have more flexibility, because KNIME uses an internal URL to link into the TeamSpace or ServerSpace directly which makes it possible to share resources between other team members.