Transfer Data into an existing Columns

Hi guys, i have a question.
I have two tables, which I have already connected due a Joiner node. So know I would like to transfer the resolution column into my main table the way, that result column is putting the relsult in the rows based on the ID.

Hello @DennisGraf ,

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Can you rephrase your request? I wasn’t able to understand what you need to do, sorry :sweat_smile:
Maybe, if you can, attach some examples.

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Hey, sorry my english is not that great :sweat_smile: .

So my problem is:

I have two Excel tables. Both tables have the same columns: User ID, Empl. ID and Leaving time.

The first table is a very big Data with over 20.000 ID numbers, the Empl. ID and the leaving time are erverywhere “NULL”.

The second Table is a smaller table with about 2000 ID out of the first table. According to the ID`s the second table shows the Empl ID and the leaving time for this specific ID.

So what I want to know now is:
Is it possible to integrate the second table into the first table, so that the lines, where the ID´s are matching, gonna be filled with the specific Empl ID and leaving time.

I hope you understand it a little bit better know .

Thank you for reading :blush:

Hi @DennisGraf

If I understood it correctly, a single joiner should be sufficient.

Assuming your tables look like:


Then setup a left outer join with the Joiner node.

For the column selection, take the User ID from table 1 and the Empl ID and Leaving time from table 2.


Next time when posting a question on the forum, please include information like; current input, expect output, what have you done so far, (anonymized) source files, screenshots and most importantly, attach your workflow showing the problem. The more you can provide, the better people will be able to help you out :wink:


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