Transfer Files (Table) not transferring files with relative path


I’m trying to rename and move a batch of images from several subfolders to a common folder.

To do this, I created a new name and a new path (relative) for each photo. I converted the string path back to path format (no errors) and connected to a Transfer Files (table) node.
Execution of Transfer Files node works with no errors, but at the end of it there is no image where they should be. The output table shows that they have been created, though (see image).

If I substitute the new path with a local folder, everything works fine.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!


Hey Lelloba,

could it be that you have a folder, “Just KNIME It!..” in your C:\Users<Username> ?

If so this is because you do not specify an absolute path like “C:\Users<Username>\desiredLocation” but a relative path to your Local File System which usually “starts” in your working directory which is the user directory. What you could do ist get the base path i.e. C:\users<username>\folder\documenti\just knime it!\anotherFolder" and append the file names via column expression.

Hope this helps

Best regards


Yes, there is!
Thanks a lot Laaarsi!

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