Transform daily dataset to week number/Year dataset with average

Hi Knimers

I have a big dataset with daily data and I need to create 2 new columns: Week Number and Year. Its also possible to create only one column with WeekNumber-Year together. How can I do it?

After transform in a weekly data set I need the average by week number/year. Group By?

Thank you all!

Hi Fabio,

you need the Date Field Extractor to get the week or year. Those two can combined with e.g. a String Manipulation node.

Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris

When I use the Time Generator node to create a time series is it always necessary to write the number of rows?

I mean, I tried to create a time series between 01/01/2014 to today and I didn't change the number of rows. When I checked the results I saw duplicated dates. Then I tried again, putting the exact quantity of days between my dates in the number of rows and it's looks like that works.

My questions is: Do I need to calculate the exact number of days between my Starting and Ending point and fill in the Number of rows?

Thank you for your support!