transform existing table rows into new columns (long & narrow -> wide & short)

Dear Knime community,
I’ve searched web and forums but never succeeded in finding the magic reciepe for my problem.

I want to convert a classical table into a single row (+ header) wide table. Of course the new headers are a concatenation of initial columns and rows ID to univoquely identify values.

here is an exemle of what I aim for :

T0 T10 T20
mean 0 45 66
SD 0 3,5 2,2
MIN 0 41 57
MAX 0 52 70

transformed into :

T0-mean T10-mean T20-mean T0-SD T10-SD T20-SD T0-MIN T10-MIN T20-MIN T0-MAX T10-MAX T20-MAX
0 45 66 0 3.5 2.2 0 41 57 0 52 70

Any help would be much appreciated.

This looks like a task for the Pivot node! Use the RowIDs as Pivots, no groups, and “First” as the aggregation method.


Thanks a lot Aswin.
It worked as you said.

I upload the test workflow with properly configured pivot node for any other user.

KNIME_Pivot to get 1 row (25.6 KB)


Hi there @benoitmathieu,

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